QMI offers a wide range of capabilities:

Turning: Our turning centers range from 2-8 axis and offer a range of options from simultaneous live tooling to true c-axis machining. Also, a number of our turning centers are gantry style to facilitate automated handling of customer parts from start to finish.

Milling: Our milling centers range from secondary 30 taper drilling and tapping machines to powerful 50 taper geared head machines. QMI incorporates rotary indexes and programmable 4th axis on this equipment as well.

Manual Machining: For rapid prototyping, our complete manual machining department offers a wide range of capabilities for your short run needs.

Grinding: In order for QMI to achieve close tolerances for our customers' parts, we have a state of the art, climate and mist controlled grinding facility. Capabilities of our grinding department include: centerless, plunge, surface, and I.D. grinding.

Part Identification: Many of QMI's customers require different methods of part identification. We are capable of laser marking, roll stamping, ink stamping, acid etching, and machine engraving.

Engineering Department: QMI's engineering department utilizes two complete CAD/CAM systems. One system is devoted to creating 3-axis models for vertical and horizontal CNC programming. The other system incorporates 2-axis modeling for our turning applications. Each of our CNC machines is hard wired to a central DNC system, which organizes and directs NC programs for the entire shop. QMI will take a print and produce your part through various machining processes. We can also reverse engineer parts if prints are not available.

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